Skyline International Tourism and Hospitality Ltd

Skyline International Tourism & Hospitality Ltd

StrEat Café

Ancient, Contemporary, Playful

StrEat Café is a brand curated by the team at Skyline International Tourism & Hospitality Ltd. StrEat Café is an amalgamation of food and beverages from various parts of the world, served in a charming and relaxed ambience.

It is an elevation of the best Streat food from India, Pakistan, China and Lebenon. The food is prepared using ancient as well as contemporary techniques and presented in a playful fashion. StrEat café is a casual dining restaurant that caters to Nigerians who want journey a few countries through their senses including their palates, as well as for expats and travelers from these regions who are looking for familiar, comfort food.

The Indian and Pakistani food include popular as well as traditional dishes like the Biriyani and Nahari that date back to the Mughal times. Indian and Pakistani food cannot be complete without the use of the Tandoor oven. Dishes like tandoori chicken, various kebabs and breads are part of the fare. Popular snacks like samosas and chaat also find their way into the menu.