Skyline International Tourism and Hospitality Ltd

Skyline International Tourism & Hospitality Ltd

Mövenpick Ice Cream

Crafted with the Alpine Spirit

We put a secret ingredient in everything we do. Care, purity, passion and joy all combine to form our Alpine Spirit: The way we take care of our cows Matilda, Sophie and Candy, the one that inspires us to passionately pick the right natural ingredients to craft every Mövenpick Ice Cream. Let’s enjoy Mövenpick Ice Cream one spoon at a time.

The most important ingredient in ice cream is cream! So we use only the best. Most of our farmers have small farms with about 25 cows which are located in the serenity of the Alps. Our cows are mostly kept in open stalls with regular access to lawns, fed primarily on grass, flowers and herbs. They live on family farms that are handed on from one generation to the next. Our farmers take really good care of them as they are part of their family. Of course, they know each cow by name.