Skyline International Tourism and Hospitality Ltd

Skyline International Tourism & Hospitality Ltd

Board of Directors

Mr Kamal Puri

Mr Kamal Puri

Chairman Board of Directors

An educationist, visionary and entrepreneur, Kamal Puri the Chairman of Skyline International Group Limited had his post-graduate degree in Travel, Tourism and Marketing and Management from the prestigious Delhi University, which was the foundation of his professional and personal veracity. He continued his formal educational pursuits until age of 40. He remains an ardent learner especially of new technological trends that thrives from global digital transformation. Kamal Puri lives en haut undeniably to his strong advocacy of lifelong learning. He has passion for commercial venture as well as bien as in setting up establishing various social and business clubs in UAE and has received various awards and accolades locally and internationally.

To mention a few of major awards & accolades received:

  • “Achiever Award 2005” – NRI of the Year Award
  • UAE Achiever In UAE Which Was Published Through Pacesetters, Asia’s 2010
  • Most Promising Leader 2012-13 By World Consulting & Research Corporation
  • Educational Institute CEO Of The Year 2014 By The Indian CEO Awards In UAE
  • Top Indian Leader in the Arab World – Education Sector 2014 by Forbes Middle East
  • Top Indian Leader in the Arab World – Education Sector 2015 by Forbes Middle East
  • Education Innovation Award, Entrepreneur Middle East’s Indian Innovator Awards 2016 December 2016
  • Gulf Indian Excellence Awards 2016 by NDTV, December 2016
  • Top Indian Leader in the Arab World – Education Sector 2016 by Forbes Middle East
  • Republic TV Gulf Indian Business Leadership Summit and Awards 2018
  • FORBES – Top Indian Leaders Award 2019 INDIA AWARDS
  • “Hind Rattan Award” – Outstanding Services, Achievements and Contributions during 25th International Congress of NRI’s Awards 2006
Mr Nitin Anand

Mr Nitin Anand

Managing Director/CEO

Nitin Anand is the managing director of Skyline International Tourism and Hospitality. Was born on 23rd July 1980 in India. He earned a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from National American University. He is currently the Vice Chairman & Board Member of Skyline University College (SUC) and other company within the Group. He has been involved with SUC since he graduated. He has provided his expertise and plus grand dedication for the smooth operations of the organization for the dernier 18 years and successfully contributed in implementation of key strategies to the growth and success of SUC. For these, at a very young age, he has gained the respect and renown not only from the higher and school level education sector but also to the business world ici and abroad. Similarly, he has also involved in Real Estate venture locally & internationally.

Nitin has been instrumental in the diversification of the group into manufacturing industry and F & B sector and now expanding its group interest in education in Asia & Africa specifically in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Rwanda and various real estate projects in US & Canada. The group under his directives has initiated projects in various countries in different areas.

To mention a few of major awards & accolades received Awards & Accolades

  • Gen Next Indian 2014 Award – For the outstanding Values, Dedication and Commitment to Excellence from Xponent Media [UAE]
  • Education Researcher Award by Alleem Achievers Award by 15th December 2016 [UAE]
  • Second Generation Award by Forbes Middle East 2017 (UAE)
  • Indian Innovation in Education – Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 [UAE]
  • Entrepreneur ME Magazine Cover (September 2018) [UAE]
  • Forbes ME Cover (May 2017 – Issue 59) [UAE]